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FOB Price: US $1,000 - 30,000 / Set Supply Ability:4000 Set/Sets per Year   Perkins engine diesel generator Manufacturer, Wholesale Various High Quality Perkins engine diesel generator Manufacturer Products From Yangzhou Walter Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. Perkins engine diesel generator Manufacturer Suppliers and Perkins engine diesel generator Manufacturer.   Fob Price: US $1,000 - 30,000 / Set Supply Ability: 2000 Per year Mini Quantity: 1 set Port: Shanghai Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Size: depended Material: Iron & copper Features: powering Applications: Generate Electricity Clients: supplier / manufacturer / company  / factory / distributor / agent / final user Marketing Area: Asia, Africa, Europe, the Arab region

Perkins engine Diesel Generator Recommend Power, please click on the following power.

50HZ Perkins engine Diesel Generator

9kva 10kva 15kva 20kva 25kva 30kva
50kva 80kva 100kva 120kva 150kva 180kva
200kva 250kva 300kva 350kva 400kva 450kva
500kva 600kva 650kva 750kva 800kva 900kva
1000kva 1200kva 1300kva 1500kva 1700kva 1800kva
2000kva 2200kva

60HZ Perkins engine Diesel Generator

11kva 16kva 24kva 32kva 36kva 63kva
75kva 90kva 113kva 130kva 150kva 168kva
200kva 250kva 400kva 440kva 500kva 570kva
680kva 688kva 750kva 844kva 995kva 1250kva
1364kva 1500kva 1710kva
1.jpg   Walter diesel generator factory now could provide comprehensive stable power in all powering fields  (i.e Railway ,Mining ,Hospital ,Petroleum ,Petrifaction ,Communication ,Rental ,Government , Factories and Real Estate etc. )   Walter Generator--Perkins generator take Perkins engine as power ,with power range from 8kva to 1500kva , ※Perkinsis one of the world’s leading diesel engine manufacturers since 1932, produced nearly 400,000 units for one year and quickly occupied the world market for the full specification, good structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance, low exhaust and long period maintenance. ※In China Perkins (Wuxi) Factory is the only production base of Perkins engine and it can manufacture 400 series, 1106 series of Perkins engine now.   14708962917546171.jpg   Features of PERKINS generator 1. strong power ,stable performance 2. high quality steel and paint craftwork 3. operation easy and safety 4. simple fuel  refilling design 5. Perkins GENRARTOR will be much easier to maintainance and repair, with more durable performance and longer service life, so the cost performance is higher.   PERKINS GENERATOR ADVANTAGE 1. EU emission standard 2. International Warranty Service 3. Short delivery time 4. Factory direct sales generator set , Ensure quality and cheap generator price, make more profit end customers 5. With ISO9001 CE SGS BV certification 6. Diesel generators Spare parts are easy to get from worldwide market with much cheaper price 7. Perfect after-service network   2.jpg  
Generator Model Gengerator Prime  Power Gengerator Standby   Power Perkins Engine Stamford    Alternator L*W*H Weight
KVA KVA Engine Model Alternator Model mm kg
W-PE11 11 12 403D-11G PI    044E 1300*690*1320 280
W-PE16 16 17 403D-15G PI    044F 1300*690*1320 350
W-PE24 24 26 404D-22G PI    144D 1470*690*1320 430
W-PE32 32 35 404D-22TG PI    144F 1470*690*1320 440
W-PE36 36 40 404D-22TAG PI    144G 1760*760*1380 550
W-PE63 63 69 1104D-44TG1 UCI224D 1760*760*1380 1100
W-PE75 75 83 1104D-E44TG1 UCI    224F 2000*900*1550 1200
W-PE90 90 100 1104D-E44TAG1 UCI    224F 2150*900*1550 1300
W-PE113 113 125 1104D-E44TAG2 UCI    224F 2150*900*1550 1300
W-PE130 130 142 1106A-70TG1 UCI    224G 2410*930*1650 1550
W-PE150 150 165 1106A-70TG1 UCI    224G 2410*930*1650 1600
W-PE168 168 185 1106A-70TAG2 UCI    274C 2550*930*1670 1602
W-PE200 200 216 1106A-70TAG3 UCI    274C 2550*930*1670 1800
W-PE250 250 275 1106D-E70TAG5 UCI    274C 2550*930*1670 1900
W-PE400 400 440 2206D-E13TAG2 HCI    444E 3100*1120*1788 3800
W-PE440 440 500 2206D-E13TAG3 HCI    444F 3100*1120*1788 4000
W-PE500 500 560 2506D-E15TAG1 HCI    544C 3400*1270*1974 4300
W-PE570 570 625 2506C-E15TAG3 HCI    544D 3400*1270*1974 4500
W-PE688 NA 688 2506C-E15TAG4 HCI    544E 3600*1400*2100 4700
W-PE680 680 750 2806C-E18TAG3 HCI    544E 3600*1400*2100 5100
W-PE750 750 815 4006-23TAG2A HCI    544F 3965*1710*2200 5000
W-PE844 844 928 4006-23TAG3A LVI    634B 3965*1710*2200 5500
W-PE995 995 1094 4008TAG2A LVI    634C 4650*2046*2300 7600
W-PE1250 1250 1375 4012-46TWG2A LVI    634F 4700*1780*2400 9500
W-PE1364 1364 1500 4012-46TWG3A LVI    634G 4700*1780*2400 9700
W-PE1500 1500 1650 4012-46TAG2A PI    734B 5000*2200*2850 12300
W-PE1710 1710 1875 4012-46TAG3A PI    734C 5100*2200*2850 12800


3.jpg   Walter generator set USES the high quality product, don't ignore every detail, to meet the requirements of genset you need.


800帕金斯机器细节图.jpg 4.jpg   Design → CNC punching → Welding → Test → Assembling → Polishing → Ready generators → Encasement → Deliver From design to assembly and then ship the unit, every step we require our workers to control the quality strictly, so that each unit can be delivered perfectly.


7.jpg   24 hours online service Enquiry will be replied within 1 hours Warranty is One year or 1000 working hours, which comes first CKD and SKD are available Generator parts are available easily   14695909911919935.jpg water support   4.jpg   While expanding domestic market constantly, our products have been exported to Ethiopia, Algeria, Poland, Mexico, Bolivia, India, New Zealand, Ecuador, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam, Libya, Ghana, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, etc. We have a large share in global market and enjoy high reputation in the world. Pre-sales service: 4.jpg 1. Selection of equipment model; 2. Designing and manufacturing equipment based on customers' particular requirements. Sales: 4.jpg To send specialized after-sales service personnel for on-site inatallation and debugging, and operation staff training as well. after-sales service: 4.jpg 1. Professional technicians and after-sales service team with 7/24 service to solve your problem; 2. Spare parts supply.  





Walter through 13 years of trials and hardships, we work hard and sweat to get all kinds of industry certification, authorization.


  14695909911919935.jpg baozhuang   4.jpg   Packaging Details: Genaral packaging or plywood case Delivery Detail: Shipped in 10 days after payment   运输.jpg   14695909911919935.jpg    

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  4.jpg   product1.jpgIf you are interested in our company more products, please click on the picture above.   product3.jpgIf you are interested in our company more products, please click on the picture above.     Dear Sir Or Purchasing Manager: Thanks for your time reading our diesel generator website carefully, if you have your own design or detailed requirement, you can send us the e-mail. Also If you don't know the specific details, you can tell us your requirement, like generator power, voltage and frequency, how many sets? It is used to factory or elevator or other equipment? So that we can recommend one to you. Also you should tell us which city are you from, so that we can check the voltage and frequency before manufacturing. Pls send mail to Thank you again for your time and hope business together for a big markets of diesel generators   Hot Tags:  Walter Electrical Equipment locates in Yangzhou City is one of the leading China diesel generator manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company, we have our own productive factory, which is able to produce best and newest 9kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 13kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 15kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 20kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 26kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 30kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 45kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 60kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 65kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 80kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 100kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 135kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 150kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 180kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 200kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 225kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 250kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 275kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 300kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 350kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 400kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 455kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 500kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 600kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 650kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 750kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 800kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 900kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 1000kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 1250kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 1350kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 1500kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 1710kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 1850kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 2000kva Perkins engine diesel generator, 2250kva Perkins engine diesel generator, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, company, wholesale, buy, dealer, sale, cheap,supply, distribution  

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